Welcome to No Refunds.

"I'm sorry Sir, but our policy is no refunds or exchanges. Period." When a demon climbing the ladder or success gets himself a pretty show of power from the flesh trade his prized pet turns out to be way more than he can handle... Warnings: Yaoi, gay love, Male X Male relationships, bondage, slavery, and mythological beasts.

I am not dead.

Worry not, fair citizen, for I am not dead.

Despite my excellent imitation of someone who is no longer active or living, I am indeed still around. Not only that, but I intend on posting again soon. In the meantime I have left you with a short silent comic I have done in similar styling for a class. This should hopefully tide you over until I get my act together.

Know dear friends, that I am sorry, and do intend on bringing you more of the nonsense that is Isaak and Horus soon. Take heart, in that good things are still to come! And you know what, my art has improved with time, so things are looking bright.

My regards, and look forward to the updates to come.


Ahhhh, welcome children, to the my next endeavor into the depraved world of the online comic. I have started this newest one out of a desire for something new, something different than my existing comic "Faerly Odd." The style is similar, and of course they are both featuring male X male relationships, but this one is just a little bit darker, prettier, and hopefully more fun.

Now I plan to commit myself to actually updating this puppy regularly with a certain schedule as to when pages are released, starting with 1 page per week, and expanded when I feel I'm getting the hang of it.

Doubtlessly, those who know me from my Faerly Odd comic are wondering whether that piece is discontinued. The answer is: probably not. Right now I've sort of have a fount of inspiration with this comic, and maybe once I'm feeling more secure with this I'll get back on updating FO as well but for now I will say that I don't have any pages hot off the presses and ready for that one, while I do have them for "No Refunds"

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