Ahhhh, welcome children, to the my next endeavor into the depraved world of the online comic. I have started this newest one out of a desire for something new, something different than my existing comic "Faerly Odd." The style is similar, and of course they are both featuring male X male relationships, but this one is just a little bit darker, prettier, and hopefully more fun.

Now I plan to commit myself to actually updating this puppy regularly with a certain schedule as to when pages are released, starting with 1 page per week, and expanded when I feel I'm getting the hang of it.

Doubtlessly, those who know me from my Faerly Odd comic are wondering whether that piece is discontinued. The answer is: probably not. Right now I've sort of have a fount of inspiration with this comic, and maybe once I'm feeling more secure with this I'll get back on updating FO as well but for now I will say that I don't have any pages hot off the presses and ready for that one, while I do have them for "No Refunds"

The Management



Looooove!!! I'm so excited about this comic! I really do hope you update this from time to time because I'm already enthralled. <3

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