I am not dead.

Worry not, fair citizen, for I am not dead.

Despite my excellent imitation of someone who is no longer active or living, I am indeed still around. Not only that, but I intend on posting again soon. In the meantime I have left you with a short silent comic I have done in similar styling for a class. This should hopefully tide you over until I get my act together.

Know dear friends, that I am sorry, and do intend on bringing you more of the nonsense that is Isaak and Horus soon. Take heart, in that good things are still to come! And you know what, my art has improved with time, so things are looking bright.

My regards, and look forward to the updates to come.



OMFGGGGG it has been one year since i read your glorious work it's beautiful and i am in awe x3 i humbly await ur return



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